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Fakes Never Prosper

by Sue Henney / May 25, 2023

The prevalence of fakes in any market is no laughing matter: from medicines which cause illness, through to dangerous OEM parts. For those who knowingly buy fakes or those who are fooled into it, there can be troubling consequences.

Thom Herbert recognised for the instrumental role he plays in the current success at Idwal and in the progression of the industry.

Idwal appoints new CCO

by Sue Henney / September 15, 2022

Former Anglo-Eastern Group Commercial Director joins executive team and will play a critical role in the growth of the business globally

Global ship inspection business aims to increase visibility into key crew wellbeing factors by collecting welfare-related data as part of regular inspection process.

UK vessel inspection business uses data-driven methodology to provide tailored contextual detail on the integrity of each vessel inspected in relation to the market

Local office will help strengthen Idwal’s relationships within this important region and provide quicker and more direct reaction to customers’ requirements.

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