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Pre-Purchase Inspections

    leading partners to the s&p sector

    Leading brokers, shipowners, banks and financiers use our pre-purchase inspection services to fully understand the condition of their intended acquisition and the capital expenditure demand that will be required.


    Your global ship inspection partner

    Acquiring a second-hand vessel is a major investment that takes time and resource. It requires a thorough assessment of the candidate vessel and an understanding of the potential risks and capital demands associated with bringing a new vessel into the fleet before the final purchase decision is made.

    We are market leaders in asset integrity inspections, operating predominantly in transaction-focused markets. We have highly experienced and competent surveyors with experience across a broad range of vessel types and we produce thousands of inspection reports every year.
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    Achieve clarity at a glance

    Thanks to our standardised asset integrity rating, the Idwal Grade® we can provide a clear visualisation of the condition of your vessel that is easy to understand at a glance and we are able to accurately compare your ship to others in its class, whilst maintaining complete confidentiality.

    The Idwal Grade is an industry recognised measure of asset integrity, programmatically calculated from over 500 individual data points, captured during a standardised inspection process. It is represented as a number between 1 and 100 so the vessel integrity is simple to understand, regardless of your technical or operational experience.

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    Why Idwal?

    With over one hundred years of heritage and an ethos of quality, innovation, and integrity, Idwal is known for accurate, consistent and objective inspection reports as well as a continuous commitment to raising the standards of ship inspections worldwide.

    We are supported by our offices in the UK, Shanghai, Tokyo and Greece and have an extensive global network of surveyors.

    lOOKING FOR PRE-SALE Inspections?

    Typically owners have elected to place their vessel on the market via brokers and then wait for multiple interested parties to inspect the vessel. This process can be chaotic and disruptive and it is challenging for sellers to manage the process.

    Using the pre-sale method:

    1. Concierge features to assist you through the process
    2. Control of the inspection process without multiple inspectors attending the vessel
    3. Increased number of serious buyers & potential for “clean” offers
    4. Reliance on the report data by all parties who purchase the report

    This is a cost-effective solution, which often neutralises the inspection costs and keeps the sellers in full control. Reports are kept confidential to serious buyers only and have a high-transaction success rate.

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    Sample reports

    Bulk Carrier


    General Cargo

    LNG Tanker

    LPG Tanker


    If you have any questions about Pre-Purchase Inspections, use the form below to get in contact with a member of the Idwal team who will be more than happy to help.