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    We are proud to work with blue-chip customers from around the globe. Here are some testimonials from customers who have asked us to support their businesses, helping them to make smarter decisions and mitigating the risks associated with their maritime exposure. 

    "Nord LB has appointed Idwal to undertake condition inspections of vessels in various global locations. We have found their services to be of a high technical standard, prompt and cost effective."
    “It is crucial to have a trustworthy vendor like Idwal to perform consistent reliable vetting and pre-purchase services for the Cargill enterprise. We value a vendor that aligns with our company’s vision for safety and sustainability into the future.”
    "ICBC Leasing regularly uses the inspection services of Idwal to conduct condition inspections of vessels in our leasing portfolio. We have always found the services of Idwal to be of a high technical standard, cost effective and efficient"
    ICBC Leasing

    "ABN AMRO has used Idwal's inspection services a number of times. Each time, Idwal practiced in a professional manner by taking an objective approach and exercising independent judgment. The end-product (e.g. reports) was clear and understandable to all parties involved".


    "The Isle of Man Ship Registry has had a contract in place with Idwal to provide audit and inspection services on Isle of Man registered vessels since 2009.

    We have found Idwal to be a very professional and pragmatic organisation, which strives to provide quality services to meet the client's needs."

    the isle of man ship registry
    “Seanergy has used the services of Idwal many times to provide pre-purchase inspections of vessels in many different global locations. We have found their services to be competitive, quick and of a high technical standard, allowing us to make effective decisions in support of our business objectives”