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Idwal launches condition improvement programme, Idwal ID

by Sue Henney

Digital platform delivers defect management, fleet analytics and benchmarking to realise cost savings and efficiencies.

CARDIFF, UK - Thursday, January 25: Idwal, the leading inspection, technology and data business, has launched Idwal ID - a comprehensive condition improvement programme. The digital platform delivers defect management, fleet analytics, and benchmarking through detailed ship inspections and reports through dynamic data.


Idwal ID integrates all aspects of the inspection and condition monitoring process, enabling the interrogation of data to achieve insight into overall fleet integrity, as well as specific issues at a granular level. It allows all relevant inspection information to be recorded in one place, facilitating continuous condition improvement.

Idwal has inspected 15 per cent of shipping’s global fleet since 2019. The company has performed more than 10,000 unique inspections since 2019 across 100 countries, which contributed to an average of 15 inspection reports delivered every working day last year. Idwal ID uses the 10 million data points gathered by Idwal over the past four years to provide grade analytics; benchmarking assets, vessels and fleets against global averages. It provides access to large volumes of data for benchmarking purposes, while keeping all proprietary information confidential.

Nick Owens, CEO at Idwal, said: “Idwal ID brings together our market-leading inspections, maritime experience and digital technology to create a secure, one-stop-shop repository for all inspection information, which can be quickly and easily accessed, analysed, shared and updated. This empowers users to make confident and informed decisions with information that provides a clear business case for necessary change, thereby optimising budget spend and operational efficiency.


“We have collaborated with several highly regarded shipping companies to develop Idwal ID, including Anglo American, CMA CGM, Cobelfret, Fednav, Swire Bulk, and Tufton. The platform has been tested, sharpened, updated and improved in cooperation with these organisations to ensure it provides exactly the right information and functionality. We have every confidence that this intuitive digital platform will help save time and money, take effective action, and demonstrate excellence both within an organisation and externally - to shippers and charterers, for example.”

Executive, commercial and technical directors are already using Idwal ID to access an accurate and impartial oversight of the condition of their fleet. The innovative platform enables them to see how ship managers are performing, and to rectify defects quickly and efficiently. This increases vessel uptime, improves safety, reduces risk, and maximises charter rates and vessel value. 

George Haysom, CCO at Idwal, said: “We know that using Idwal ID minimises manual processes and reduces the workload for technical teams. In addition, instant access to both the granular detail of individual inspection reports and high-level benchmarking against the global fleet enables recommendations that non-technical people can understand, which technical people can then drill into and implement. This increased visibility supported by simple and clear reporting tools not only provides a solid business case for either targeted maintenance investment or reducing spend, it also provides independent validation to demonstrate excellence.”


Idwal ID has been developed by the team at Idwal, which spans sea-going engineering, ship management and commercial experience honed in the shipping industry across decades. It builds upon the company's flagship offering, the Idwal Grade®, which sets an industry benchmark for assessing vessel condition. Idwal's S&P inspections lead the market and their rigorous condition inspections enable ship owners to benchmark asset integrity across their fleet.

Notes to editors

IDWAL is the ship inspection, technology and data business. The global leader in independent sale and purchase inspections and the industry’s trusted partner for fleet condition monitoring.

Idwal’s 500-point inspection reports provide transparent and actionable insights into a vessel’s maintenance, quality and ESG compliance, contextualised by the IDWAL Grade®, the industry standard for measuring asset integrity.

Idwal’s data-driven methodology ensures that reports are consistent, intuitive to read, accurate and free from bias. Trusted as the industry standard, they inspect almost half of all vessels sold each year.

Founded in 2010, Idwal is based in Cardiff, UK, with offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo and Athens, and with an extensive surveyor network around the globe.

IDWAL. Inspection insight. Data advantage.


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