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A World-Class, Highly-Trained Surveyor Network

The Idwal Surveyor Network is a global team of highly experienced marine surveyors who provide a wide range of ship inspection services to the maritime industry. Our dedicated surveyors operate in more than 90 countries and are able to offer comprehensive coverage, flexibility and rapid response to clients. Our surveyors are all highly trained and accredited  professionals who use the tried and tested Idwal inspection process which covers over 500 data points to ensure the safety, quality, and compliance of vessels and their operations.

All approved surveyors pass our detailed and extensive DNV-accredited vetting process and consist of experienced Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Naval Architects, and previous Classification and Flag State Inspectors. This process, in addition to our dedicated surveyor management team that delivers continuous professional improvement, ensures that only the best possible surveyors act on behalf of our client base.

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Dedicated Surveyor Management

Idwal's dedicated Surveyor Management team take the supervision of our network very seriously. Our strict selection process, which consists of over 10 steps, ensures that each applicant is fully verified and approved before joining our network. Our in-house surveyor assessment tests applicant’s maritime knowledge, technical ability, surveying aptitude and crucially, approach to safety. 

Once approved, we engage robust performance monitoring processes that are ingrained into our operations. We interact daily with our surveyors to ensure they’re aware of our client’s requirements and the latest industry updates to ensure the highest level of accuracy and safety in all inspections. 

At Idwal, surveyor management is built on data. We have several tools that we can use to monitor and manage surveyor performance, and we have a proven record of success in doing so. Trust in our commitment to ensure the highest level of quality and safety in all inspections by joining our team.

About Idwal

Continued Professional Development

To support our surveyors on their personal journey, we have created the Idwal Surveyor Toolbox, which includes numerous resources such as technical guides, webinars and training videos. By working closely with our technical team and analysing our data, we can identify potential areas of concern with surveyor performance and provide immediate guidance to the wider Network. Additionally, we deliver updated international maritime regulation guidance, technical understanding and surveying best practice to guarantee continued knowledge development for our surveyors.

A unique, carbon neutral service offering

We are carbon neutral. Over the past years, Idwal has achieved PAS 2060 carbon neutral certification across our business through the use of multiple different methodologies and projects. Through the use of local surveyors domiciled close to major ports, we have been able to massively reduce the need for long-distance travel that is typically seen in our sector, and the associated emissions that come with it.

Clients who work with Idwal's Surveyor Network can rest assured that they are partnering with a company that prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility. By choosing the network's services, clients are also contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly shipping industry.

Decarbonisation services

Becoming part of the network

Idwal are always looking for new members to join our Network. Follow the instructions below to begin or alternatively, get in touch with applications@idwalmarine.com if you have any questions.

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With one of the fastest evolving portfolios in the market, our portfolio consists of a worldwide marine surveyor network equipped with a wealth of maritime experience, ready to act quickly and to the same global standard, whenever called upon.

If you want to join the Idwal global surveyor network then simply complete our surveyor sign up form which will submit your application directly to our surveyor management team.

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Here at Idwal, we’ve got a unique environment, blending the essence of a technology start-up with the heritage and market knowledge of a 100-year-old shipping company.

Our surveyors are guided, trained, and supported through all of their inspections to ensure a high-quality report that reflects the surveyor's experience and knowledge. We have a unique inspection bidding system that allows all surveyors in an area an opportunity to do as many or as few inspections as they like, giving them a great deal of flexibility and freedom.