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    Leading by example as a positive impact business

    Running a global business with an extensive global surveyor network provides us numerous opportunities to improve our impacts environmentally and socially. We are extremely proud to run a carbon neutral business and we actively help our industry to improve its own sustainability with the tools and insight that we can provide, particularly relating to decarbonisation and crew welfare.

    The 4 pillars of Idwal sustainability are:

    Sustainable inspections - we are a carbon-neutral company and we deliver are the first in the industry to deliver carbon-neutral inspections

    Industry decarbonisation - we focus on the data we gather on decarbonisation and we create tools and products that will help our customers accelerate their own sustainable progress

    Crew welfare – our work provides us insights to life onboard and we strive to work with the industry to deliver insights that help us all raise the importance of the health and wellbeing of crew.

    Community impact – beyond our own business, we work with the wider community to assist with and promote maritime environmental initiatives and we support seafarer charities to reach those who need their help.



    Vessels that cannot demonstrate compliance to the EEXI and CII regulations by the vessel-specific deadline may be unable to trade internationally. Commission an Idwal Decarbonisation Report for more clarity and practical customised recommendations. This is a personalised multi-page document that will determine your EEXI and CII scores and will provide benchmarking, timeline for changes, reduction technologies and recommended actions for improvement.

    In addition to the report, Idwal has developed a pioneering free EEXI Calculator requiring just a few details to asses the carbon emission compliance of any vessel.  

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    Adopted by all UN members states, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which are an urgent call for action by all countries to focus on ending poverty and other deprivations. hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

    We have selected three goals that both align with Idwal's ethos and where we see ourselves being able to have the biggest impact. Chosen by Idwal employees, we will initially focus on supporting 'Good Health & Well-being', 'Climate Action', and 'Life Below Water'.

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    Alongside our carbon neutral status, Idwal has multiple internal working groups focusing on both the internal and the external aspects of our sustainable development goals. From beach cleans to supporting research projects, we're forming new initiatives every month to help us improve the world, the seas, and the community around us.

    Good Health & Wellbeing
    Idwal Chairman Chris Williams and team members Matthew Cummins and Thom Herbert are our Good Health & Wellbeing Champions and lead teams in goals to stay fit, eat well, and assist mental health. Alongside fitness-focused charity events such as marathons and challenge runs, the Champions also support internal initiatives such as focusing on reusable items to give away at events, complete removal of printed literature, and more.
    Climate Action

    Using a domiciled network of surveyors and marine professionals who live close to the world's largest ports, we have almost entirely eliminated air travel from our operations, saving tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon every year.

    Idwal Climate Action Champions Rhys Jevons, Adam Fisher, Steffan Henry, and Richard Vaughan have been able to effectively measure the carbon output of our inspections and create initiatives to both reduce and offset these emissions.

    Life Below Water
    From supporting marine conservation efforts to our office based teams going on litter picks to clean up our local beaches, Idwal's Life Below Water Champions Mark Roberts, Ewa Weber, Tom Greenway, and Tomas Owen spearhead several initiatives to support this important goal.

    Our teams are also active within the community, with Idwal's Sustainability Champions leading initiatives to improve colleague health, assist our local community, and to keep our cities and seas clean.

    Each year, Idwal supports Cardiff Women's Aid and RISE Cardiff to help supply aid and support to vulnerable families in the region; donating thousands of pounds worth of toys and supermarket gift cards to people in need in Cardiff (Pictured right: Members of Idwal, Graig, and the Industry at the Graig 100 charity bike ride).

    Idwal also run multiple charity events throughout the year, and are itching to get back on to the local marathon and sport challenge circuits to raise money for both national and international charities.

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    Diversity at Idwal

    Idwal prides itself on the diversity of our workforce that now consists of hundreds of individuals. Between our Surveyor Network and our office-based staff, we employ individuals from over 65 countries across the globe - with that number growing every month.

    We are committed to addressing gender diversity in our industry, with Idwal currently meeting the industry average - but we strive to do better. Idwal will be launching a program in 2021 to support female seafarers in gaining the training and qualifications needed to become a Marine Surveyor, and actively providing opportunities to join the Idwal Surveyor Network upon success.

    Global offices

    Internal Sustainability

    Idwal also have a number of policies in place to improve internal sustainability. From anti-bribery to diversity and modern slavery

    Anti Bribery

    As part of our employee contracts, Idwal employs an anti-bribery guide to ensure all colleagues are aware of posibilities and different forms of bribery.


    Idwal prides itself on its diverse workforce, employing individuals from over sixty country worldwide. As part of all of our employment contracts, we ensure our targets and aims for diversity are communicated and transparent.

    Employee Assistance Programme

    It is important to put mental health first and Idwal has partnered with Health Assured UK  to provide staff with expert advice and a complete network of support services covering a wide variety of topics.

    Industry Alliances

    Idwal are committed to using and developing solutions to the problems that our industry faces, and are an active member of multiple initiatives and projects across the globe.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented crew change crisis which has led to hundreds of thousands of seafarers being impacted and in many instances left stranded on ships, beyond the expiry of their contracts. This is not an acceptable way to treat seafarers and we commit to take action to resolve the crew change crisis, based on our position and role in the value chain.
    Neptune Declaration
    on Seafarer Wellbeing and Crew Change

    Day and night for 365 days per year, the Mission is on call to provide help for seafarers in over 200 ports around the world.

    Seafarers need the Mission's help because they are often working in dangerous conditions, with no one else to turn to. Our Port Chaplains send us stories about the sea men and women they support, and we tailor our help to each and every one of them.

    Mission to Seafarers
    on Seafarer Wellbeing

    Careers at Sea is part of the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB), which in turn sits within the UK Chamber of Shipping. The MNTB works right across the UK to champion maritime education, training and skills.

    Idwal has partnered with Careers at Sea to support Merchant Navy training and assist the next generation of seafarers. 

    Careers at Sea
    Seafarers of the future

    The Seafarers Happiness Index exists to provide all men and women working at sea with a chance to share how they feel and to talk about the good and bad about life at sea today. Share your views and let the industry know what works and what needs to be changed.

    Alongside the Standard Club, Idwal are primary sponsors of the Seafarers Happiness Index.

    Seafarers Happiness Index
    on Seafarer Wellbeing