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    At its very heart, Idwal is a group of like-minded, family-oriented individuals. We're motivated by a passion for shipping and technology, driven to provide the best customer experience imaginable and committed to delivering the best possible ship inspection service to our global client base.

    Chris Williams


    Nick Owens

    Chief Executive Officer

    Dai Evans

    Chief Technology Officer

    Chris Davies

    Chief Financial Officer

    Lee Davies

    Head of Operations

    Amanda Llewllyn

    Head of Product

    Rhys Jevons

    Head of Development

    Stephen Ison

    Head of Data

    Michael Powell

    Head of Surveyor Management

    Ian Mackie

    Chief Surveyor

    John Nicholson

    Lead Surveyor (Marine)

    Steffan Henry

    Lead Surveyor (Engineering)

    Steve Anderson-Tyso

    Head of Global Sales

    Lydia Koumarela

    Regional Account Manager (Greece)

    Johnny Shen

    Regional Account Manager (China)

    Adam Compton

    Regional Account Manager (Northern Europe)

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