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Idwal Ship Inspection Wave Background


    Idwal is a global leader in vessel inspections, benchmarking and analysis, driving asset integrity, sustainability, and transparency in the maritime industry.

    The Idwal Grade® is an industry recognised measure of asset integrity and our data-driven methodology ensures that our reports are consistent, accurate and free from bias.

    Sustainability is at our core and we are extremely proud to run a carbon neutral business. Alongside our own objectives, we actively help our industry to improve its own sustainability with the tools and insight that we can provide, particularly relating to decarbonisation and crew welfare.



    We promise to provide you with a high quality inspection at a competitive price, using highly experienced surveyors, and quickly deliver a report which is clear, objective, consistent and easy to understand so that you can act on it and make smarter decisions.

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    Idwal marine surveyor, inspecting a ship


    At Idwal we are a passionate team of shipping professionals, marine engineers, surveyors and master mariners, working alongside developers and technology professionals to provide an unrivalled platform and a market leading product.

    Each has their own extensive experience and proven backgrounds in their chosen field and work together towards a common goal: to bring ship inspections into the digital age with paramount efficiency, objectivity and accuracy of data.

    Nick Owens

    Chief Executive Officer

    Dai Evans

    Chief Technical Officer

    George Haysom

    Chief Commercial Officer