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    Lifeblood of the industry

    Hard-working and happy seafarers are integral to the smooth-running of a ship. At Idwal, many of our team have worked at sea and our surveyors speak to seafarers every day whilst conducting inspections. Idwal supports seafarers as the lifeblood of the industry and we are engaged in several industry initiatives to raise understanding of some of the issues facing crew whilst assisting ourselves where we can.

    Reports that assess wellbeing

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    As key sponsors to the Seafarer's Happiness Index, we believe that our own products and initiatives should also focus on the welfare of the crew by providing meaningful insights into the wellbeing and health of seafarers to owners and managers.

    That's why our inspection framework and surveyors report on living conditions, lifesaving equipment, safe working practices, and more, whilst also ensuring managers have the information they need to keep the vessel a safe working environment for the world's seafarers.

    Read the latest SHI report

    Crew issues we're discussing now

    What makes a happy ship?

    On December 7th 2022, Idwal was once again joined by the Standard Club and the Seafarer's Happiness Index where we posed the question: What makes a happy ship? In this series, we are exploring the factors that contribute to the happiness and well-being of seafarers on board a vessel. 

    Webinar: Crew wellbeing

    Why is crew welfare important in this arena and what effect can it have on outcomes? We discussed this question in a live webinar with Idwal's Senior Marine Surveyor / Crew Welfare Advocate, Thom Herbert, Steven Jones, Founder of The Seafarer's Happiness Index, and Captain Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, Standard Club.

    How shipping firms ought to focus on crews’ wellbeing

    "The mental and physical wellbeing of crewmembers at sea and on dry land should be one of the key priorities for shipping companies amid the Coronavirus pandemic, according to Mark O’Neil, president of InterManager and CEO of Columbia Shipmanagement".

    the neptune declaration

    The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented crew change crisis which has led to hundreds of thousands of seafarers being impacted and in many instances left stranded on ships, beyond the expiry of their contracts. This is not an acceptable way to treat seafarers and we commit to take action to resolve the crew change crisis, based on our position and role in the value chain.

    Idwal are committed members of the Neptune Declaration and through a number of internal working groups work towards assisting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    Find out what we're doing

    idwal's former seafarers

    At the very heart of Idwal lies a wealth of seafaring experience that spans from deck to engine. Our former seafarers collectively have over 150 years of experience and use that knowledge to ensure that your inspection reports are consistent, reliable, and accurate

    John Nicholson

    Head of Technical

    Steffan Henry

    Head of Marine Standards

    Thom Herbert

    Senior Marine Surveyor

    Tomas Owen

    Marine Surveyor

    Stephen Grist

    Marine Surveyor

    Hallam Bourton

    Assistant Marine Surveyor

    Iain Aspinall

    Assistant Marine Surveyor

    Laura Horswill

    Technical Assistant

    Our work with the seafaring community

    Idwal works on a number of initiatives with multiple charities to help improve the life of crew and the health of our oceans. A small selection of our current initiatives can be found below.

    The Mission to Seafarers

    Idwal is a key sponsor of the Seafarer's Happiness Index, an initiative ran by the Mission to Seafarers that acts as a barometer of crew wellbeing. The Seafarers’ Happiness Index was founded in 2015 and is designed to monitor seafarer satisfaction levels by asking crew ten key questions. Results are reviewed each quarter and made into a report.

    Careers at Sea

    Idwal's former seafarers, surveyors, and technical team work with Careers at Sea to help shed light on what it is like to sail under the Merchant Navy flag. Through webinars, seminars, video interviews and more, our team hope to lead the next generation of seafarers to their first voyage.

    Local River Trusts

    Idwal works with multiple local river trusts in the area to keep the ports, beaches, and rivers of South Wales clean of detritus. The more we do to help clean our local waterways and prevent waste reaching the ocean, the quicker our seas can recover.