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Introducing Idwal's Regional Representative for Japan, Kempu Arisawa

We got the chance to catch up with Idwal's Japanese Market Representative, Kempu Arisawa, who has a career in shipping ...

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Introducing Chris Jones - Idwal's Singapore Market Representative

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your journey through shipping?

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An interview with Konstantinos Machairas

We caught up with Idwal's Greek Market Representative Konstantinos Machairas to talk all things Greek shipping and how he's been working with ...

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An interview with Idwal's German Market Representative, Jan Hagemann

Over the New Year, we had the pleasure of catching up with Idwal's German Market ...

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An Interview with Idwal CEO Nick Owens

In early ...

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Idwal September Round Up

The team at Idwal hope this finds you very well and that you're safe and healthy. We've been busy during September with appearances at the ...

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Idwal Service Announcement | Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Idwal Service Announcement | 25th August 2020 |Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore 

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Idwal Spotlight: Jeanne de Lagarcie BSC, MSC.

This week we sat down with Idwal Operations Assistant  Jeanne de Lagarcie and found out more about her journey from France to the UK for ...

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Control the process, maximise the potential of your vessel.

Selling a vessel has historically meant putting your vessel on the market and waiting for numerous potential buyers to send their own ...

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Case Study: Dry docking a Fleet in the Middle and Far East

A client recently contacted Idwal in regards to the supervision of a fleet of multipurpose vessels dry docking in the Middle East and Far East. ...

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