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Using proprietary algorithms, the Idwal Grade is calculated from over 500 individual data points, captured during a standardised inspection process. It is represented as a number between 1 and 100 for easy visualisation of the integrity of the vessel.




Simple to understand regardless of your technical or operational experience, the Idwal Grade enables easy visualisation and straightforward comparisons of assets.


Our data-driven methodology ensures that our reports are accurate and free from bias. 



The Idwal Grade is an excellent benchmark against which operational and financial decisions can be made with confidence.

making the grade

The Idwal Grade is the result of a complex set of algorithms which interpret, analyse and categorise a vast amount of data captured throughout the inspection process, ultimately displaying a single numerical representation of a ships condition.

Our surveyors work within a rigid inspection framework which gathers over 500 different data points during the inspection which are then analysed through our advanced algorithms to generate the grade results. The algorithms feed the data into 21 sub-grades, culminating in a single final Grade, which quickly identifies and easily highlights areas that are exceeding expectation, or require improvement.

View our methodology page for more detail on how the Grade is calculated. 

who uses the idwal grade?

Every vessel inspected by Idwal is provided with the Idwal Grade. Typically our clients are from sectors such as banks, financial institutions, leasing companies, private equity funds, ship owners and S&P brokers. 


“Brokers clearly love Idwal reports. One explained that it essentially makes their job of selling a ship easier, in that they no longer have to persuade an owner to send its inspector to look at a vessel and instead can get an easy-to-read report. It also shunts some of the administrative tasks of report distribution onto someone else. The grade clearly has value."

Tradewinds - May, 2022

“The Idwal grade is the industry’s only consistent source of standardised ship-condition data available and is becoming the industry benchmark for banks, financial institutions, private equity groups, ship owners, brokers, insurers and charterers.”

Ship Management International - 2019

Fleet Benchmarking

Using our unique data set and inspection framework, we offer clients a bespoke benchmark report which provides a graphical comparison of the how an inspected vessel(s) compare to others inspected in its peer group. Our data can be analysed by ship type, age, design, yard, county of build and other factors, offering unrivalled insights into the condition of your ship, compared with the wider market.

Ship Manager Comparison

As we gather data on thousands of vessels each year, Idwal is uniquely positioned to compare the performance of the worlds ship management companies using real data, gathered from the physical inspection process. With any inspection our customers can ask us for a comparison report which will show precisely how the management of the inspected vessel compares against all other ship managers in the global market. This unique offering uses our  own proprietary data, which is not available elsewhere in the market.

Condition Adjusted Valuations

Working closely with industry valuation experts, the Idwal Grade data can be fed into valuation models to provide the industry's only reliable condition-based-valuation adjustment. Our valuation partners' Vesselsvalue.com have robustly tested, calibrated and analysed the Idwal Grade to ensure total accuracy and compatibility, with condition adjusted valuations (CAV) now available from both Idwal and Vesselsvalue subscribers.

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