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Idwal ID is a comprehensive condition improvement programme, delivering defect management, fleet analytics and benchmarking.


Inspection Insight. Data Advantage.

How it works

Idwal ID delivers defect management, fleet analytics and benchmarking through detailed ship inspections and reports, with dynamic condition data on an intuitive platform.

We conduct regular inspections across your fleet with our expert surveyors and provide you with access to the Idwal ID platform.

Idwal ID is built on these 3 key pillars: inspections; surveyors; platform, enabling you to save time and money, take effective action and demonstrate excellence, to drive value for your business. Each element is deployed with careful attention to detail by a team with in-depth shipping industry experience for the purpose of delivering a robust programme that can help you drive value.


ID Inspection

Centred around the latest version of the Idwal ID inspection checklist; the culmination of the experience and feedback from 10,000+ unique inspections.

  • Independent vessel-level report​
  • Industry-best checklist​ 
  • Idwal Grade® 



ID Surveyor

All Idwal ID inspections are conducted by our ID-approved surveyors, underpinned by dedicated internal expertise and technology.

  • Surveyor management and quality assurance
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Idwal ID-approved surveyors



ID Platform

A centralised, actionable view of your ship inspections and overall fleet condition, accessible only by you and those you choose to share with.

  • Aggregated defect management
  • Fleet and asset-level trending and benchmarking​
  • Rapid access to all inspection info in one secure place 


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A closer look at the Idwal ID platform


Aggregated defect management

  • Centralised Overview - Database aggregates defects across your entire fleet to provide complete visibility in one place.​

  • Trend Analysis - Group analysis of similar defects across the fleet helps identify emerging, systemic issues.  ​

  • Accountable Rectification - Track progress of managing defect rectification and repairs for improved accountability.

Fleet & asset-level benchmarking

  • Condition Trends - Visualise inspection grade trends across entire fleet or individual vessels.​

  • Performance Comparison - Compare vessel and fleet performance against global benchmark.​

  • Global Context - Benchmark vessel and fleet against global standards to gauge position.


Rapid access to all inspection info in one secure place

  • Data Consolidation - Intuitive online platform houses all inspection data and documents.​

  • Direct Access - Powerful search makes findings reports, photos instantly accessible.​

  • Intuitive Navigation - User-friendly dashboard interface for efficient navigation.

Discover the benefits of Idwal ID

  • Save Time and Money - Leverage inspection insights and data analysis to efficiently target cost savings.
  • Take Effective Action - Pinpoint critical defects and use data to optimise rectification.
  • Demonstrate Excellence - Inspection insights clearly showcase quality processes and data quantifies top-tier performance.


“Implementing Idwal ID has taken the burden from Tufton’s technical team with much of the pressure alleviated by the Idwal team, who liaise with the vessels and their managers to facilitate the inspections globally. The Idwal ID platform is also a valuable part of the programme for us, as it gives us impartial oversight on the condition of our fleet, enables us to see how our managers are performing, and allows us to identify and rectify defects quickly and efficiently”

Capt. Parani VS, Vice President - Marine, Tufton Asset Management

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