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    starting from the top

    Before we created our new decarbonisation reports and sustainability tools, we firmly believed that we had to lead from the front. That's why in March 2022 Idwal achieved it's Carbon Neutral status through collaboration with UK organisation Carbon Footprint Ltd. Clients of Idwal can now be assured that our entire business operation, from office to supply chain, is planet-friendly.

    Coming very soon, we will be able to offer Idwal clients carbon neutral certification for any inspections conducted around the world - allowing clients to use the documentation to reduce their own carbon footprints.

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    Decarbonisation report

    Vessels that cannot demonstrate compliance to the EEXI and CII regulations by the vessel-specific deadline may be unable to trade internationally.

    Commission an Idwal Decarbonisation Report for more clarity and practical customised recommendations. This is a personalised multi-page document that will determine your EEXI and CII scores and will provide benchmarking, timeline for changes, reduction technologies and recommended actions for improvement.

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    EEXI Calculator

    Given the potential costs to owners and operators, as well as the likely surge in demand for the installation of energy efficiency technologies, calculating the EEXI for each vessel is advisable as soon as possible to allow for planning and budgeting.

    Enabling a fast and accurate score for your vessel or fleet without the need for an inspection, this tool will assist you in reaching your carbon reduction goals and meeting IMO deadlines.

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    The Idwal team have prepared a number of resources to help our clients both understand and calculate their CII and EEXI scores. From webinars to the most commonly asked regulatory and technical questions, we've developed all of the tools you need to get ahead on your decarbonisation agenda.

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    Idwal can offer customised assistance that adapts to our clients needs, whatever the project. Whether it's a decarbonisation report or how EEXI and CII scores are built into our standard inspection reports, our team is online to answer your questions. Contact them below.