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Idwal News

The global vessel inspection technology business introduces a new module to its existing Idwal platform, to help automate the online distribution of pre-sale inspection reports and enhance the premium service that it already provides as market leader in this sector

Idwal has launched its new module...

China Service Update

by Paul Howe / January 18, 2023

As Covid-19 restrictions across China ease, it is widely expected that the sector will recover and return to full capacity in the coming months. The Chinese shipping industry has shown resilience and adaptability in the face of the restrictions whilst keeping the never-sleeping gears of shipping...

What makes a happy ship?

by Paul Howe / December 9, 2022

On December 7th 2022, Idwal was once again joined by the Standard Club and the Seafarer's Happiness Index where we posed the question: What makes a happy ship?

Thom Herbert recognised for the instrumental role he plays in the current success at Idwal and in the progression of the industry.

A tale of two vessels

by Nick Owens / October 11, 2022

Hear from Idwal CEO  on the importance of comparison to spot outliers in your fleet who could become subject to increased scrutiny that could affect the tradability of your ship.

Idwal appoints new CCO

by Sue Henney / September 15, 2022

Former Anglo-Eastern Group Commercial Director joins executive team and will play a critical role in the growth of the business globally

Most seafarers have no access to free unlimited onboard wifi while working at sea, according to a study by ship-inspection company Idwal.

After reaching a record low last quarter, seafarer happiness data rises, showing how changes made by the industry can make a difference.

A concise whitepaper from one of our Idwal experts on one of the new EU carbon reduction measures for the maritime industry.

Global ship inspection business aims to increase visibility into key crew wellbeing factors by collecting welfare-related data as part of regular inspection process.

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