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Idwal Service Announcement | Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

by Paul Howe

Idwal Service Announcement | 25th August 2020 |Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore 

To ensure that all inspections services are delivered without disruption, Idwal now require a minimum of 3 days notice for attendance on vessels within the Port of Singapore.

In a communication sent on 24th August 2020, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore released new advisory guidelines for marine service providers attending to vessels at anchorages and terminals in the Port of Singapore. In addition to updated guidelines regarding precautionary measures for vessels and service providers, the announcement states:

1. Singapore continues to take a calibrated and risk-based approach in determining the precautions and measures for the COVID-19 pandemic. The owner, agent or master of any vessel arriving in the Port of Singapore to conduct activities such as repairs, servicing, surveys and inspections which requires shore-based personnel to board the vessel, other than receiving bunkers and ship supplies, must notify and provide the relevant information, in advance, to the Port Master.

2. The owner, agent or master of the vessel must inform the Port Master 3 days before the arrival of the vessel, that the vessel will be conducting the activities mentioned in paragraph 1, and whether shore-based personnel (such as surveyors, P&I correspondents, superintendents and repair technicians) will be boarding the vessel at the anchorages or terminals.

Alongside the latest guidelines, Idwal continues to employ numerous protocols to maintain the highest possible standards of health and safety and remain as committed as ever to ensure the safety and well-being of surveyors, vessel crew members, customers and other personnel. We have adopted precautionary measures within our inspection and survey processes and procedures in accordance with the latest guidance information issued by The International Maritime Organization and The World Health Organization.

We shall continue to update our website and social media channels regularly to ensure customers can stay up to date with the latest information. 

Click here to view the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore's announcement in it's entirety.

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