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    At Idwal we continue to follow the latest advice and information which is provided by the WHO and by local Governments, in order to ensure that we can continue to offer the services that you rely on during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

    Our operational centres in the UK, China, and Greece are open and the entire team are working tirelessly assisting clients worldwide to ensure your businesses can continue as best as possible, despite some of the most challenging global restrictions we have ever seen.

    All Idwal staff are equipped to work remotely and are remaining fully operational, and always available via phone/email and online. Our dedicated Account Managers and Operational teams are just a phone call away, with all projects and services being supported by highly-qualified technical teams and our extensive pool of global shipping professionals.

    You can find the contact information for department leaders of the Idwal team here: https://www.idwalmarine.com/team

    We remain in constant contact with our network of 245 Marine Surveyors to ensure they are healthy and that we have the latest updates in respect of local restrictions across a significant number of global ports.

    We will ensure all customers are kept up to date on any new developments as best as we can.


    People are the cornerstone of our industry and that’s why we consider the wellbeing and safety of our staff, surveyors and, customers, as well as others we may encounter along the way, to be our highest priority. We are passionate about this. With that in mind we have put detailed protocols in place to ensure all boarding surveyors to minimise infection-risk and self-declare that they have no symptoms, and that have they not been in contact with anybody who has. We also insist that surveyors board your ships with preventative measures at the forefront of their minds, observing full PPE guidelines, without exception.



    Technology has always been at the forefront of the Idwal philosophy and our ability to leverage robust systems and remote data tools during the current pandemic, has enabled us to continue to ensure your inspections, risk assessments, and operations remain up and running whether this be in person, or remotely.


    We understand that inspections may not always be physically possible during this time. If you are experiencing difficulties with access to vessels, then our remote capabilities may be able to assist you to get the critical data you need, to continue to make critical business decisions. Ask your Account Manager about our remote services.


    Our shipping experts, working alongside our internal software development and data teams, have been able to develop a unique product which leverages our data and combines it with our shipping expertise and other available data sources to deliver a remote assessment of any vessel, in any asset class, without the need to ever set foot on a vessel.


    The Idwal Customer Portal remains fully operational for you to order any Pre All inspection results, Idwal Grades, and attached media are provided directly through our digital  platform as well as being delivered straight to your electronic mailbox, meaning you have prompt and full access to your reports.




    With increasing global travel restrictions, many Idwal clients are finding our Dry-Docking supervision services to be of huge value. Many businesses simply cannot mobilise their own pool of Superintendents to attend their vessels for critical dry-dockings or repairs, or simply for routine internal inspections.

    We’re seeing that our clients are finding our Dry-Docking Services invaluable where they cannot mobilise their own pool of Superintendents to attend a vessel. Similarly, our locally resident Marine Surveyor network is vital to our clients during this time, enabling us to get our surveyors onboard ships where travel between countries or even cities is limited or non-existent.

    Our Dry dock supervision services are designed specifically to protect our clients' interests and to ensure the dry-docking is well-planned, controlled and executed in line with industry best practise and with minimal cost-escalation. Critically, ensuring that spending authority is respected and financial exposure is minimised where possible. Whilst ensuring that asset-integrity, longevity and fulfilment of future charter commitment is not compromised

    Our docking services are available globally, with a particular strength coming from China, where Idwal operates a fully-manned operational centre in Shanghai.



    We have developed one of the largest networks of Marine Surveyors in the world. Connecting our clients with the right resources, in the right location. Today we have in excess of 245 surveyors stationed globally. The network is made up of a combination of different types of surveyors - from Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Naval Architects and other professionals such as ex-Class Society Surveyors and more.

    Due to our presence in Asia for nearly 25 years we understand the needs and expectations of our Asian Clients and we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any bespoke queries from Asian Clients in the same time zone. In support of our Chinese Clients we can discuss and explain any elements of our Report in Mandarin Chinese and provide translation of key findings ensuring that the results are always delivered with clarity.

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    Despite this unprecedented pandemic, Idwal surveyors are still managing to reach vessels and undertake vital inspections; supporting our clients globally to our usual high standard. Many of our clients simply cannot mobilise their own technical staff right now, and at Idwal we are more than happy to support your internal inspection requirements, reporting in whatever format you require us to.

    If you are struggling to fulfil internal inspection quotas, then please do contact us with an example of your reporting criteria, and we may just be able to help.
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    "The situation we are all faced with is unprecedented and challenging for all of us. At Idwal, we are here to help in any way we can during this global crisis and we are entirely committed to ensuring your operations can continue as much as possible, whilst adhering to the latest guidelines and most importantly, keeping our staff and your crew protected at all times. Our global presence, supported with our state of the art surveying techniques and software, is proving to be extremely valuable to our clients during this difficult time. Look out for our regular service Alerts which are released periodically and which should help you keep track of this ever-changing situation.

    In the meantime, keep safe, look out for each other, and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.”


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