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    The Energy Efficiency Existing Ships Index (EEXI) is the IMO’s agreed method of measuring and benchmarking a vessel’s designed energy efficiency. With new requirements coming into force at 1st of January 2023, Idwal has created several resources to help guide you through the process to compliance with peace of mind.

    Find out more about EEXI with our FAQs
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    discover: the eexi IMPACT 

    Given the potential costs to owners and operators, as well as the likely surge in demand for the installation of energy efficiency technologies, calculating the EEXI for each vessel is advisable as soon as possible to allow for planning and budgeting.

    Enabling a fast and accurate score for your vessel or fleet without the need for an inspection, this tool will assist you in reaching your carbon reduction goals and meeting IMO deadlines.

    Use the Free EEXI calculator

    Watch: What is EEXI? Webinar

    Hosted by Head of Marine Standards Steffan Henry and Head of Sales Adam Compton, the webinar covers the fundamentals around the requirements of EEXI, how the calculation works, the important deadlines, and what you can do to improve your EEXI score.

    Watch 'What is EEXI?'

    learn: detailed faqs on eexi

    A range of key regulatory and technical questions with responses asked during the recent webinar. This section is more specific in detail and will provide in-depth understanding alongside the webinar.

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