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Underwater Inspections

    Underwater ship inspections are a critical part of understanding total asset condition. It is important when trying to establish the condition of your vessel, whether in a pre-purchase scenario, or as part of a financing transaction, or prior to dry docking, that the submerged areas of the vessel are also checked for possible damage.

    An underwater ship inspection entails qualified, class-approved, trained divers going below the waterline to check the submerged areas of the ship. This exercise enables the owners, managers and financiers to detect any problems and calculate the capital demands of taking remedial action, if required. 

    Idwal is able to conduct Underwater inspections in many of the worlds ports, and through our unrivalled contacts and networks with Class-approved dive stations across the globe, we are able to deliver detailed insights into the underwater condition of a wide range of vessel-types. 

    Leading shipowners, banks, funds, lessors and financiers use our Underwater Inspection services, in conjunction with our Condition Inspections and Pre-Purchase Inspection services to fully understand the condition of their investments and to ensure that their collateral is maintained to an industry best-practise standard, with values preserved and risks minimised.

    Many of our clients have made critical decisions based on our Underwater inspections, during the sale and purchase process.

    With Idwal you can expect a quick report turnaround, supported with high resolution video of the underwater inspection, through our extensive global reach and a competitive price. Most importantly, you'll get a report delivered straight to your mailbox which you can understand easily and which you can act on.

    Markets Served

    Underwater Inspections are available for the following markets: