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Pre-Purchase Inspections

    Acquiring a second hand vessel is a major investment for shipowners and their investors. It requires a thorough assessment of the candidate vessel(s) and an understanding of the potential risks and capital demands associated with bringing a new vessel into a fleet, before the final purchase decision is made.

    Idwal is a market leader in delivering quality, comprehensive and objective Pre-Purchase condition inspections to the global shipping industry. We have been delivering unrivalled insights into the condition of a wide range of vessel-types since 2010 and have developed a unique digital inspection framework which guarantees a consistent and objective assessment, every time. Not to mention the all-important Idwal Grade, which has now become the 'gold standard' in which financial institutions, shipowners, and other stakeholders believe in and trust.

    Leading brokers, shipowners, banks and financiers use our Pre-purchase inspection services in order to fully understand the condition of their intended acquisition and to understand the capital expenditure demand which may be required to bring the vessel back into a market-standard condition.

    Many Idwal clients have made investment decisions on the basis of our reports which are also universally accepted by prominent financial institutions as an accepted independent validation of a vessels condition.

    With Idwal you can expect a quick report turnaround, an extensive global reach and a competitive price. Most importantly, you'll get a report delivered straight to your mailbox which you can understand easily and which you can act on.


    Pre-Purchase Inspections are available for the following markets:





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    Delivering unrivalled insights into the condition of a wide range of vessel-types since 2010, organisations around the world use our Pre-Purchase Inspections to ensure they have the information needed before undertaking their final purchase decisions - you can find a few examples of below:
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