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Pre-Charter Vetting Inspections

    protect your cargo

    Idwal works with the world's leading dry-bulk charterers and commodities traders to provide detailed pre-charter condition and vetting inspections of predominantly dry bulk tonnage and tankers, in considerable volume and on a global scale. 

    With Idwal you can expect a rapid report turnaround, an extensive global reach and a highly competitive price. Most importantly, you'll get a report delivered straight to your mailbox which you can understand easily and which you can act on quickly.


    Don't leave it to chance

    For global charterers of dry-bulk vessels it is critical to ensure that each candidate vessel is subjected to a thorough risk assessment and vetting inspection to determine its relative safety for a particular voyage.

    A physical assessment of a vessel prior to undertaking a particular voyage is crucial to ensure that all critical areas of the vessel, which are designed to preserve the cargo carried, are in good condition so as to reduce the risk of cargo claims resulting from damaged cargo, or reduce the risk of voyages not being completed in line with the terms of the charter party.

    global pre-charter inspections

    Idwal's Surveyor Network is ready to mobilise at a moment's notice, with many surveyors living within a short distance of most of the world's major ports. Many of these survey locations are also equipped with the latest calibrated ultrasonic hatchcover testing devices.

    Our clients make direct chartering decisions on the basis of our reports, which are delivered quickly and accurately and with a clear result of the inspection, allowing charterers and operators to make prompt decisions, within a matter of hours following completion of the inspection.


    Achieve clarity at a glance

    Thanks to our standardised asset integrity rating, the Idwal Grade®, we can provide a clear visualisation of the condition of your vessel that is easy to understand at a glance and we are able to accurately compare your ship to others in its class, whilst maintaining complete confidentiality.

    The Idwal Grade is an industry recognised measure of asset integrity, programmatically calculated from over 500 individual data points, captured during a standardised inspection process. It is represented as a number between 1 and 100 so the vessel integrity is simple to understand, regardless of your technical or operational experience.

    Idwal Grade

    Why Idwal?

    With over one hundred years of heritage and an ethos of quality, innovation, and integrity, Idwal is known for accurate, consistent and objective inspection reports as well as a continuous commitment to raising the standards of ship inspections worldwide.

    We are supported by our offices in the UK, Shanghai, Tokyo and Greece and have an extensive global network of surveyors.

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