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    Idwal provides consultative advice and support from its highly experienced team of shipping professionals, covering multi-asset disciplines and who offer a wealth of experience and knowledge across all areas of technical, operational and commercial shipping.

    This advice can be provided whenever needed and provides trouble-shooting and problem-solving support along with access to general advisory and technical input on any issues, whenever needed.

    Many of our clients use our technical 'helpdesk' as an extension of their internal teams, to support their internal decision making and to help ensure that their investments are preserved and risks minimised.

    Many of our clients have made critical decisions based on our advice and support which is universally accepted by prominent clients around the globe.

    With Idwal you can expect honest and accurate advice, delivered promptly by our experts on a range of topics. Most importantly, you'll the information you need, delivered straight to your mailbox which you can understand easily and which you can act on.