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    Idwal offers a range of comprehensive portfolio management services which have been developed and implemented alongside leading banks, leasing-companies and financial institutions worldwide.

    An outsourced portfolio monitoring function provides our customers a structured technical support function, backed by innovative platform technology to deliver unrivalled clarity in respect of ongoing portfolio risk and technical-integrity of diverse fleets of vessels.

    Our unique Vessel Risk Assessment calculator supports our clients in understanding and interpreting complex technical matters which may arise from time to time in association with building a portfolio of maritime investments. Using a combination of proprietary data held exclusively by Idwal as well as publicly available data sources, industry best practice and in-house technical expertise - as well as physical inspection data, where available.

    Leading banks, financial institutions and lending platforms use our portfolio monitoring tools and crucially are able to adjust their own
    risk parameters at the outset, ensuring that the level of risk monitoring is applicable to the risk appetite of their business.

    We help ensure that new deals are robustly assessed and evaluated at origination and ensure that existing collateral and asset-integrity/value is maintained and risk-managed throughout the term of the financing.

    Supported with leading data visualisation and instant access to portfolio monitoring tools, we can also track vessel movements, port state control deficiencies and detentions, arrests, incidents, classification statuses and more.