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Offshore Inspections

    The offshore oil and gas industry has grown exponentially in the last few decades and despite encountering some difficultly, the industry is now showing signs of recovery with a positive outlook for the coming years. Rig utilisation remains at significantly lower levels than when compared to a few years ago, but is slowly recovering. Utilisation of offshore vessels has been lower in recent years, with high levels of inactivity and periods of lay-up.

    Offshore oil and gas units are highly-complex assets and cover various stages of the oil exploration process, including jack up rigs, drill ships, fixed platforms, semi-submersibles and well intervention vessels. In addition, there is an army of supporting vessels such as OSV's, PSV's and Anchor Handlers. Each of these vessels are uniquely different and requires a deep understanding of the sector and of the complexities of each of the assets which support this area of industry.

    At Idwal we have the experience and the inspection methodologies in place to support our clients who are exposed to the offshore oil and gas sector. We have inspected all types of offshore assets and have developed an individual inspection framework for each segment along with a pool of highly experienced and dedicated surveyors positioned where they need to be, and who have the necessary skills and experience to deliver a critical assessment of any asset type.

    Our offshore surveyors are located in key locations such as: Aberdeen (UK), Gulf of Mexico (USA), West Africa, Ciudad del Carmen (Mexico), Macau (Brazil) and many more.

    As always we will dispatch the most appropriate surveyor based upon the specific skill sets, background and location, ensuring always that we deliver a first class inspection and an objective, accurate and easy-to-understand report.

    Idwal services in the offshore sector

    We offer a range of supporting services to meet your needs in the offshore oil & gas sector.

    Pre-Purchase Inspections

    Leading brokers, shipowners, banks and financiers use our Pre-purchase inspection services to fully understand the condition of their intended acquisitions, on a global scale.

    Condition Inspections

    Leading banks, funds, lessors and financiers use our global condition inspection services in order to fully understand the condition of their assets.

    P&I Inspections

    Idwal works with a number of the International Group P&I Clubs, to deliver quality, comprehensive and objective P&I surveys to the international P&I Market on a global scale. 

    Remote Asset Reviews

    If a physical inspection is not an option, then our Remote Asset Review reports, which are universally accepted across the industry, can help you make those critical decisions without the need to set foot on a vessel. 

    Digital Services

    Utilising the latest technology combined with a skilled team of passionate shipping professionals, engineers, surveyors, and developers, we are revolutionising ship inspections around the world and changing the way our clients manage fleet condition.