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Inspection Locations

    A surveyor network spanning the globe

    We have developed one of the largest networks of Marine Surveyors in the world. Connecting our clients with the right resources, in the right location.


    Today we have in excess of 245 surveyors stationed globally. The network is made up of a combination of different types of surveyors - from Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Naval Architects and other professionals such as ex-Class Society Surveyors and more. All of whom are employed in different ways but all operate within a very tightly controlled vetting and performance management framework, which ensures that our standards remain very high.

    This network has been developed carefully over a 10-year period and has largely developed organically or through carefully planned recruitment. We rely on recommendations from trusted allies within the industry and we believe that working in this manner has helped us to develop a strong network of trustworthy surveyors who are both high quality, loyal and unique to Idwal.