Do you know the condition of your vessel?


Due to the pressures that the shipping industry is currently facing, we have already seen a 150% increase in demand for our ship condition inspections since the turn of the year as banks and ship owners want to know exactly what condition their asset is in so that they get a true and accurate valuation.

Our findings have been been hugely diverse across the 250+ inspections that we have performed across the globe this year, and we have seen an increasing number of vessels where their condition is classed as either Unsatisfactory or Poor in our new standard vessel rating guide.

Here are just a few examples of some of our findings:

Therefore, the question is – if you have an exposure in shipping, when was the last time that your asset was inspected and can you be sure that it is being properly maintained?

All of our inspections are fixed lump sum fees, starting from as little as USD 2000 in Asia, and USD 3000 around the rest of the world with no hidden extras.

If you would like to discuss with us about inspecting your asset, or know more information about new standard reporting and ship grading scale, please get in touch.

Andy Taylor