Comprehensive Ship Inspection Services

We have recently had an article published in Sea Technology!  You can find the full article in the June 2017 issue here:

“…the ship inspector, as the referee or the arbiter of facts, ensures that the game is fair for all involved in the transaction. It may sound obvious, but shipping is a high-stakes game, and you do not want to be the team that shows up unprepared. Having access to all of the facts is critical to ensuring that you can make informed decisions, and control your business interests. […]

Importantly, businesses that are leveraging the expertise of their inspection services provider to gain a competitive advantage are also putting important leg-work into maintaining the lifetime value of these costly assets.  Those banks or financial institutions, owners, brokers and charters working closely with their inspection services provider to ensure that they have comprehensive understanding of the ‘true’ value of their assets are taking the game to a new level.

They benefit from having a clear picture of how each of their vessels can operate now and into the future. They have a game plan. They know what cards they hold, and they know how to play them. Our bets are on them.” (Sea Technology June 2017).

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