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Job Vacancy: Technical Assistant - UK

by Paul Howe

We are currently recruiting for a Technical Assistant to join our global technical team. This role could be based remotely or in our head office in Cardiff, if remote based there would be an occasional need to visit our Cardiff office. The Technical Assistant role will offer day-to-day support to the Idwal technical department, ensuring the efficient and high-quality delivery of technical inspection reports to the Idwal customer base and providing further resourcing capacity into the business to ensure it can meet the continued demand for its services. Assisting primarily with the interpretation, correction and adjustment of all technical reports and supporting data is a key function of the Idwal technical team and the Technical Support role will contribute effectively to this overall process, in order to ensure quality standards are always maintained.

What you'll do

  • General report processing, reviewing, re-writing and / or Quality Checking (QC) review of final reports within the
    technical team;
  • Uploading and organisation of reports and supporting data to the ASIMS inspection management system;
  • Downloading, organisation and sharing of various data from outsourced surveyors, in support of the internal processing
  • Providing general administrative support to the technical team whenever required;
  • Contributing to the delivery of Classification Records Reviews (CRR);
  • Contributing to the delivery of Remote Asset Reviews (RAR);
  • Contributing to the successful delivery of bespoke project work as may be required from time to time, always under the
    strict direction of the Senior Surveyor;
  • Contribution to surveyor feedback and performance loops, supporting surveyor performance standards and continuous
    improvement where possible;
  • Responding to surveyor queries as they arise from time to time;
  • Supporting compliance with the company’s quality management system as governed by the ISO:9001 standard;
  • Becoming fully familiar with the types of survey conducted by Idwal, how standards differ, how the products and
  • final reports vary and offering technical support into each one:
    • General condition inspections – key finance clients
    • General condition inspections – general finance clients
    • Pre-purchase inspections
    • Pre-charter vetting inspections
    • General charterer vetting inspections
    • Flag surveys (General Inspections)
  • Contributing effectively and suggesting any software or process changes which may be required in order to streamline the technical workload;
  • Promote, protect and preserve the reputation of Idwal Services and the Graig Group of Companies and undertake any other tasks that may be requested from time to time.


  • On completion of training, partial responsibility will be held for allocated customer-related technical reports and review
    of surveyor-originated data in order to meet the required standards for the final product within prescribed deadlines.
  • All data will be passed to the senior technical team for a final review and sign off prior to release to the customer.


Working at idwal

We are a Cardiff-based maritime technology company and market-leaders in delivering global ship inspections to an international client base. Operating globally, we are a highly transactional, fast-growth business and have an ambitious plan to continue our growth trajectory over the next 3-5 years.

Whilst we have a 100 year-old history as part of the Graig Shipping Group, we have also revolutionised the industry with the introduction of the first online ship inspection platform and have embarked on a scale-up strategy which has allowed us to bring
a number of technology advancements to our customers, who range from traditional shipping companies, banks, finance houses, insurance companies and brokers. At the simplest level our platform allows anybody to order a vessel survey at any port in the world, then view the results and receive our unique “Idwal Grade”.
This is just the starting point though. Not only does the sheer depth and breadth of data captured create new business opportunities (e.g. market comparison and performance), we’re also able to bring innovative new solutions to market. In addition, we provide a range of other services, to a truly global client base.

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Interested? Get in touch with our recruitment team to find out more. Either send your CV or LinkedIn profile to allison.hetherton@idwalmarine.com or speak to Allison Hetherton on 02920 446 644.

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