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Founded in 2010 by Graig Shipping PLC, Idwal is based in Cardiff, UK, with offices in Shanghai, Tokyo and Athens, and with an extensive surveyor network around the globe.

Graig has been operating and innovating for a hundred years in shipping and has a rich history in ship owning, ship management and shipbuilding. It is from their founding member, Mr Idwal Williams, that the company takes its name.



Cardiff docks in the 1920's

“Inspections are about examining the minutia for clues; understanding causality and effect of complex technical issues and making critical judgements about the practical implications on assets based on the evidence at hand. We know what is important to both technical and non-technical stakeholders alike and through this online platform we are providing easy to interpret reports, alongside detailed technical evidence and critical counsel to help customers mitigate risk and further understand the assets.”

Idwal Chief Executive Officer - Nick Owens



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China Service Update

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What makes a happy ship?

On December 7th 2022, Idwal was once again joined by the Standard Club and the Seafarer's Happiness Index where we posed the question: What makes...

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